B.W. Macknair & Son




Farmall Cub, New clutch, battery $1200

Cub Disc $750 new discs, nice axles (not worn)

Wooden wheel box wagon $700

NI Hay Loader (as I bought it) $850

JD #R nice original metal, new wood $1300


JD PTO Corn Binder (Rebuilt as much as possible $1800)

(This one is gone but I have another one I can rebuild)

Oliver (fixable) $400 as is

JD #E  Fixable $400 as is

Rebuilt corn binder $2200

JD 2 way $850

McCormick-Deering Cultivator, I take 2 or 3 and make one good one, $750

IH Corn Binder Rebuild Start (per order $2000)

IH Corn Binder Rebuild Finished

Massey Harris #33 ready with new parts  $750

Osborne (uncommon 6 foot bar) Just the way I bought it $250

IH Corn Planter (as I bought it) $750

JD 999 $500 no Fertilizer units

Newest Grain Binder Made (I think)  Simple $800

JD #999 planter converted to plateless boxes $1100

Potato Planter $900 (thru the shop)

McC-Drg Grain Binder, new guards, sections, platform, etc $1300, no truck

EZ spreader, as I bought it $600

IH Cub (#100) spreader  $600 as I bought it

NI #8 Spreader $800 as I bought it

Amish Buggy $600

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