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I have parts for ground driven.  You can ask about about PTO driven spreader parts, but I do not carry many (very few)

The following tables with prices are not the only parts I stock but they are the most commonly ordered parts.  These are for the New Idea #10A and other spreaders will not have the same part  numbers, but you can get a general idea of the prices for other machines as well.

1311SA   Plate    $5.75 1312SA  Keeper   $5.75 L556 Bearing     $18.50
1540SA  Paddle   $14.00              Shaft    $35.00 L367  Sprocket   $18.50
Idlers Assembly  $24.00    

L470,L469  Bearing  each $19.00 L347  Sprocket   $18.00 878S   Shaft   $40.00 926S   Plate   $5.50
L498   Bearing   $14.00 L302,L304  Pawl   $6.00 1513   Spring  $4.00 311SA  Pawl $11.00
L324  Roller   $11.00 1514  Spring   $3.00 Web Chains $300 and up L344   Sprocket  $12.00
Idler Bracket   $16.50      

I offer several new apron chains, I cannot promise these will be in stock but I try to keep them on hand.  Prices may jump due to steel price increases, so e-mail to confirm. Chains will be complete

"WARNING" The angle iron may be 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 which is taller than the original.  I have been using these for 5 years and have had an issue with two spreaders, for clearance issues. Check for clearances before you order.

New Idea Models and Prices and Widths

#8        (36 1/4 inches wide) $362

#9        (34 1/4 inches wide) $348

#10A    (34 1/4 inches wide)  $348

#12A    (36 1/4 inches wide) $362

#14A    (34 1/4 inches Wide) $325

#17      (36 1/4 inches wide) $362

#18      (34 1/4 inches Wide) $325

#206    (37 3/4 inches wide)  $395

McCormick Deering Spreader

#100                                    $200

#200    (38 1/2 inches wide)    $385

#4        (38 1/2 inches wide)    $385

#936S,937S Shield  $40.00each #1136s,1137s Angle $7.50 #1143s  Plate  $15.50
#1314s,1315s  Rear Angle $40. each #1317s  Shield  $6.00 #531sa  Support  $22.00

Axle Pin     $.1.25 Pawl    $4.50 Pawl Spring    $.95
Bushing     $12.00 Axle Bearing  $75.00  

L484 Sprocket  $25.00 K1529 Bushing  $5.00 each L557 Bearing  $17.50
1161sa  Shield $7.00 1160s  Shaft     $45.00 Cylinder Bars  $22.00 each

I cannot list all the parts I have available for manure spreaders.  I also do not limit myself to New Idea Spreaders as I also have over 50 other spreaders for parts. 

I have rebuilt over 75 New Idea spreaders in my 42 years, so when you ask for parts I have the working knowledge to decipher your problem that most New Idea dealers cannot give you anymore.  I would be glad to rebuild your spreader from the ground up or just to make it field ready.

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